About the „dis house jointed“ project

“The dis-house-jointed” was a web site that explored ideas of space,
location, and physicality in online experience. The site was made by using Flash
and javascript and contained four main elements: a sequence of photographic images, a soundtrack, a series of text fragments and a map.

The photographic images used in the site appeared in a separate pop up window.
These images represented the house the user explored, started with an image of
the exterior of the house, and continued with images of the interior of the house.

The idea

The project leader saw cyberspace as a space to be explored, much like physical space. He made
an analogy for this view through the house ­ the user was invited to explore the different rooms,
even though they may not matched and they behave in different ways. He saw this much like cyberspace,
where one’s travels can be fragmented and disjunctive.

The user should have experienced a sense of non­ location within the house ­ as though the house
doesn’t had a proper location. This was reflected in the map that gave the user only a partial
view of the location within the house and this was reflected in the disjunctive nature of the house.

The house also acted as a place for memory. Just as memories can elude us, the web is constantly changing,
and different parts of it ­ softwares, sites, etc. disappear. The text box scrolled different memories
and the house was a place for them to reside.

These ideas were at the heart of the project leaders work and had ultimately suggested that as human beings they rationalized
the irrational world around us. With this project there was a world that works within
rationality to some degree created (the images are realistic looking, the structure is a house).